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How to prevent the occurrence of uremia in daily life?

2017-04-26 15:57

Uremia refers to renal failure, so that after the digestion of protein's products, urea and other waste can not be discharged from the body, resulting in the poisoning phenomenon.At present many kidney disease patients are very concerned about suffering from uremia,if you want to prevent uremia in the daily life,you can start from the following points: 

1.Strictly limit intake of food containing high cadmium content

Daily life of high cadmium content of food, including animal liver and kidney made of food, seafood, such as flounder, crab,these seafood by cadmium pollution in the water,the body will accumulate cadmium.The fruits and vegetables grown in the sludge will absorb the cadmium in the soil when the fruit is ripe.Limiting cadmium intake plays a key role in uremia preventive measures,patients should care.

2.The house doesn't use inferior materials decoration

When decorating the house,make sure that used for spraying wall furniture paint and coating does not contain cadmium,otherwise cadmium will slowly be absorbed by the body,but the damage of cadmium to the kidney is very serious, especially to the uremic patients almost has the effect of irreversible damage.

3. The use of low protein diet

Uremia patients can be given a low protein diet.Normal adults need protein per kilogram of body weight per day 1~1.5g,but

Uremic patients only need to eat 0.5g/ kg or less.Reduced protein intake to reduce the production and accumulation of nitrogen metabolites in vivo.If a patient needs to supplement protein substances,as far as possible choose eggs dairy food,such as high nutritional value of eggs, milk and other animal protein,as little as possible to eat soy products so on vegetable protein

4.Put an end to the original cause of chronic renal failure

Such as on weekday prevent colds and various infections,take part in sports,enhance physical fitness,to prevent the occurrence of uremia;Pay attention to hygiene,Eat less spicy greasy food, drinking water more,prevention of urinary tract infection;To feed more vegetarian diet, low salt, low fat, smoke less, drink less,Prevent the happening of the disease such as hypertension coronary atherosclerosis.These are all effective ways to prevent uremia

























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