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What are the susceptible people suffering from uremia

2017-04-26 18:35

I believe a lot of friends, are aware of uremia disease, the harm is great. Once after the onset of the disease, patients without timely treatment, or even a threat to his own life, so after the onset of timely and relevant treatment is very necessary, but currently in clinical treatment, there are many, in addition to traditional Chinese medicine treatment, diet recuperation can also play therapy a certain role. Can play a role in promoting the recovery of the disease. What are the people who are easily to suffer from uremia?

1 according to the clinical study found that patients with diabetes and hypertension, if not timely treatment, can be turned into uremia disease, in addition, the upward trend of HIV infection caused by uremia. This accounted for 1% of the causes of uremia.

2 in addition, kidney disease is also an important cause of human suffering from uremia, and the final outcome of all chronic kidney disease will be uremia. The main reason is chronic nephritis, in the cause of uremia, chronic glomerulonephritis can account for 55, 7%

3 at the end, a long time urinary system infection, is also more likely to suffer from uremia, with the increase of age, the human kidney structure and function have obvious degeneration. During this period, once the body resistance is weak,it is prone to suffering from uremia.

Advise patients during treatment must rest in bed as much as possible, to help the body strength of the recovery, in addition, patients can try more vitamin food is easy to digest in the daily diet.

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