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What should the old man that gets uremia

2017-04-26 18:37

Uremia disease, a disease which is common in clinic, patients after the onset will appear different degrees of gastrointestinal discomfort, it will not only bring influence to the normal life of the patient, when is serious, or even make the patient's life is threatened, so, the harm of uremia disease is very large, in patients suffering frome the disease, must be timely treatment. So in the end in the clinic, what should be the elderly to eat uremia?

1 first suggest that patients can eat some soy products, this is because the soy products contain relatively low cholesterol, what's more, the soybean is rich in soy isoflavones, women can timely supplement the loss of estrogen. Protect the cardiovascular function.

2 in addition, patients should eat a balanced diet collocation, food should be as far as possible rich and diverse, and be low in fat and salt in the usual diet, especially for hypertension, hyperlipidemia and other chronic diseases, must have a light diet.

3 recommendations for elderly patients, should also try to drink some milk, because milk is rich in nutrients, can provide the needs of the human body, but many people do not like to drink milk, you can drink yogurt. In addition, do not fasting drink milk. Otherwise be detrimental to health.

If the patient appears to be persistent uncomfortable, it should be as soon as possible to the regular medical institutions for treatment, so as not to miss the best treatment time. In addition, the patient's diet should be light.

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