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What tests do IgA nephropathy need to be examined? IgA urine

2017-05-27 09:17

Judging from the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, IgA nephropathy with hematuria, and most associated with back pain, to determine whether it is to do IgA nephropathy, renal biopsy to determine, kidney itself has the disease, renal biopsy is very adverse to the kidney. Patient friends should choose carefully.

IgA nephropathy examination 1, the first routine examination of urine, you can find microscopic hematuria, IgA nephropathy with abnormal red blood cells mainly, 60% patients with proteinuria, but mostly microalbuminuria.

IgA nephropathy was examined in 2, and circulating immune complex levels were measured. The IgA immune complex titers in the blood of patients with IgA nephropathy were increased, both during and during the onset of disease.

IgA nephropathy test 3, serum IgA levels: if the patient does not have liver disease, serum IgA continued to increase, the kidney patients should be highly suspected of IgA nephropathy. Most scholars advocate repeated examination of IgA, especially the detection of serum IgA after acute or acute infection, which can increase the detection proportion of serum iga.

IgA nephropathy examination 4, check renal function: IgA nephropathy patients may have varying degrees of renal dysfunction. Creatinine clearance rate decreased, serum creatinine and urea nitrogen increased gradually. Elevated blood globulin often occurs in patients with glomerulosclerosis and is an indication of poor prognosis.

IgA nephropathy examination 5, when necessary biopsy: in the forearm palmar skin biopsy, about 50% of patients with capillary IgA, C3, preparations and fibrinogen deposition. Renal biopsy is the only way to diagnose IgA nephropathy. Visible focal segmental glomerular mesangial proliferation, to diffuse light microscopy, immunofluorescence in mesangial area mainly diffuse IgA deposition, electron dense deposits in the mesangial area based electron microscope.

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