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Does holding will lead to uremia?

2017-09-10 17:21

When the bladder urine accumulation to 200cc, people will start to urinate, then if there is no solution, bladder also has storage space, but continued to accumulate 500-600cc when the bladder will be excessive expansion, and to control urination becomes loose muscle swelling. So in addition to the short time to do some checking holding, any other conditions should not hold back.

The kidney is an important organ in the body, the basic function of the kidney is generated to clear urine, metabolic products and some toxins, waste, and through the re absorption function to retain moisture and other useful material, in order to balance regulation of water and electrolyte and acid-base balance maintenance.

A urine reflux phenomenon in acute cystitis during which will, when carrying urine reflux may lead to kidney, pyelonephritis, acute kidney water, will not only affect the renal function, days after and may lead to renal failure and even the fate of dialysis. When the water is too long, the pressure will increase the metabolic function of the bladder, is bound to damage the renal excretion of waste, water and waste metabolism in the human body accumulate, causing uremia, endanger life.

Uremia is a kind of harm of venereal great in life, little attention is likely to be infected with uremia, if not timely treatment will lead to increased disease, is not conducive to the health of everyone, it is very necessary for the prevention of uremia.

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