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What are the risk factors for chronic kidney disease?

2017-12-25 16:02

Different types of kidney disease occur at different ages, genders are different, so people of different ages and genders should pay attention to protecting their kidneys.

Age: children should pay attention to genetic diseases, infectious diseases and allergic purpura caused by kidney disease. Most children with minimal nephrotic syndrome characterized by nephrotic syndrome are sensitive to hormone therapy, but are easy to recur. They may develop chronic glomerulonephritis in adults. Infectious glomerulonephritis is also common. Young and middle-aged patients with primary glomerular disease, pay attention to connective tissue diseases, infections and drugs caused by kidney damage; the elderly should pay attention to metabolic diseases, or systemic small vessel vasculitis kidney damage.

Sex: Such as pyelonephritis occurs in women, especially in childbearing age, pregnancy women. Some autoimmune diseases such as systemic lupus erythematosus and so on, young women are easy to have, more involving the kidneys, but also need to arouse everyone's attention.

Many chronic kidney disease is caused by a combination of factors, but the incidence of people with the following risk factors is significantly higher.

Diabetes: The incidence of diabetes increased year by year, of which 20 to 40% of diabetic patients have the potential to develop diabetic nephropathy. Most of the elderly with diabetes, duration of more than 5 years, often accompanied by retinopathy, peripheral neuritis and other diabetic complications.

Hypertension: Long-term high blood pressure can cause intra-renal hypertension and vascular sclerosis, leading to renal ischemia, glomerular sclerosis, etc., showing increased urinary albumin excretion rate, increased nocturia, severe cases can cause renal dysfunction.

Elderly people: with the age increases, the functions of all organs, including kidneys, are gradually decreasing. Especially those with cardiovascular disease and family history of kidney disease are more likely to get chronic kidney disease. In particular, elderly people should be wary of renal damage caused by atherosclerosis.

Metabolic disease: hyperlipidemia: hyperlipidemia is prone to cardiovascular disease, but also easy to cause atherosclerosis, renal arteriosclerosis can cause renal ischemia; hyperuricemia: excessive urate crystal deposition in the kidney caused Uric acid nephropathy, hyperuricemia can also lead to atherosclerosis, when the uric acid gradually increased, uric acid crystals over time, the possibility of suffering from gouty kidney stones will increase.

A variety of infectious diseases: such as hepatitis, tuberculosis, AIDS, schistosomiasis, can also lead to renal damage.

Autoimmune diseases: such as systemic lupus erythematosus,if there are symptoms such as hair loss, photo allergy, joint swelling and pain, painless oral ulcers, and urine routine and abnormal renal function, visit the kidney specialist as early as possible.

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