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Expert analysis for your patients with uremia can eat hot pot?

2017-01-24 11:52

Expert analysis for your patients with uremia can eat hot pot?

The cold winter, the reeky Hot pot are the favorites in driving away the chill and craving, can shoot two hawks with one arrow. There may be a group of special people - uremia patients, but in front of the tangle of hot pot, then the uremic patients in the end can not eat hot pot?

Uremic patients can not eat hot pot

A lot of hot pot and the principle of uremia diet is inconsistent, is determined not to eat. Such as spicy curry, etc. Hot pot Hot pot, pot contains onions, ginger, garlic, pepper, pepper, curry can not eat in uremic patients also contains a lot of spices, salt, fat, these are food taboos in uremic patients, to be at a distance.

Uremic patients can eat hot pot

And if Hot pot accord with uremic diet principle is to eat, such as broth Hot pot. Specific requirements are as follows: the bottom of the pot is not too salty, so as not to consume too much sodium, leads to sodium itome, causing edema; the bottom of the pot is not too oil, in order to avoid excessive intake of fat, leading to elevated blood lipids, aggravating illness; the bottom of the pot can not join the garlic and ginger and coriander, taboo condiment in uremic patients. Garnish with vegetables, beef, mutton, seafood and other protein rich food is best not to eat, Chinese cabbage, leek, lettuce, lettuce and other leafy green vegetables contain rich vitamin, can promote the treatment, is an ideal choice for uremic patients to eat when Hot pot. The other patients do not drink soup, soup in long time under high temperature will produce some harmful substances, will increase the burden on the kidneys.

You can learn from the above, some of the original hot pot uremic patients can eat, as a uremic patient you eat right?


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