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How should kidney failure treat? What is the requirement to

2017-01-24 14:29
How should kidney failure treat? What is the requirement to food?
Renal failure is a disease of Nephrology, suffering from renal failure is a very dangerous thing, even a serious threat to life, if found suffering from kidney failure requires active treatment, and pay special attention to diet in everyday life, so that it can effectively alleviate the renal failure.
Found to be suffering from kidney failure requires active treatment, there are many methods in the treatment of renal failure, treatment of renal failure is the most important dialysis treatment, some patients require lifelong dialysis treatment. To have a good therapeutic effect, patients can also be treated with renal transplantation, in the treatment of the need to cooperate with the drug treatment. Not all patients are suitable for the treatment of renal transplantation, the doctor will according to the patient's condition and the development of test results for patients to choose the suitable method of treatment, patients in the treatment period should actively cooperate with the doctor, so that there will be a good effect.
Patients with renal failure in the usual life to pay special attention to this kind of people for food requirements are very high, to strengthen the nutritional supplement, avoid contact with allergic food. Don't eat greasy, spicy food. Renal failure patients must not eat soy products and animal protein food.
Renal failure patients should pay special attention to balanced nutrition, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, eat more meat, to eat much food less, not overeating, to drink plenty of water and food in general to coarse grains. To reduce the number of restaurants to eat, do not smoke and drink.
In patients with renal failure, in addition to diet, in everyday life also need to enhance the immunity of the body through exercise, a lot of contact with nature, do not always stay indoors, to maintain an optimistic attitude, always have to pay attention to changes in their body, a lot of communication with the doctor, take medicine on time. Found physical abnormalities need timely to review.
Suffering from kidney failure is generally pided into three things, namely, oliguria, polyuria and recovery. Fever, weakness, lethargy and other symptoms during will ill patients, a great impact on patients. The cause of renal failure which mainly includes genetic poisoning, burns, kidney injury, immune system diseases and factors for treatment and prevention of renal failure to proceed from the cause of disease, so the effect will be more obvious.
How do 21 pyelonephritis? Recommended 6 treatment methods
This disease will pyelonephritis antimicrobial treatment after diagnosis, so that it can prevent bacterial infection from happening again, you can choose some suitable antibiotics such as penicillin, own, cefotaxime and norfloxacin, these drugs have bactericidal effect, treatment is usually in one to two weeks if more serious illness is, you have to inject some antibiotics.
This is because patients with kidney disease pyelonephritis in inflammation, mostly because of bacterial infections caused by this disease usually occurs after the patients will be accompanied by lower urinary tract inflammation, then according to the course of disease and illness state can be pided into acute and chronic, if acute pyelonephritis illness occurs especially when suddenly, patients will find themselves on the toilet, the number has increased, especially the increase in the number of urine is very obvious, and the patients may feel thirsty often, either drink how much water is there will be symptoms of mouth parched and tongue scorched.
The treatment of pyelonephritis is mainly based on the severity of the patients with to develop different treatment measures, the treatment method is the most common drug treatment, the drug treatment is mainly focused on antibiotics, as long as the patients choose antibiotics to treat their own can achieve ideal curative effect, not only that patients need to choose the use of fungicides, cephalosporins and penicillin and other antibiotics to adjuvant therapy.
In the course of treatment of patients also should drink plenty of water, so you can make the number of their urination increases, the inflammation in his body decreased, improve the antibacterial ability of itself, when necessary, patients also need to use this drug to treat sodium bicarbonate, only need to take three times a day, so you can play to alleviate the effect of symptoms, the patients with bladder irritation symptoms, prevent complications.
If the patients in the treatment of chronic pyelonephritis is more difficult, this time on the need to use a combination of drugs, not only to the use of antibiotics to treat, but also with the traditional Chinese medicine treatment, treatment is about two or three weeks, if there is no effect if you need long-term treatment, treatment if drug treatment cannot correct the renal function you have to take the surgery.
So patients in the diet should eat some egg egg, which are rich in protein and amino acids, very rich, this is the missing body pyelonephritis patients, but patients after surgery to semi liquid food, try not to eat is not easy to digest food, especially to avoid eating meat and chives, these foods are caused by the angry patients.

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