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Uremia diet should be based on the diet of patients with ure

2017-01-24 14:31
Uremia diet should be based on the diet of patients with uremia matters needing attention
In uremic patients, uremia and in fact is not a disease, it is a variety of advanced kidney disease is a clinical syndrome, is a chronic renal failure appears in the end stage of the syndrome. Control and treatment of uremic patients diet on disease plays a very important role for patients who need to choose the diet according to the disease, but also need to pay attention to cause enough attention for those who need in the diet.
Uremia patients in life is not uncommon, uremia is a chronic renal failure patients at the end of the period of the emergence of a series of clinical manifestations of a syndrome. The most common clinical manifestations of patients suffering from uremia are metabolic acidosis and disorders of water and electrolyte balance, and other symptoms, such as cardiovascular and respiratory symptoms. In addition to the clinical treatment of patients with uremia in addition to receiving treatment in the clinic also need to choose the right diet according to their condition.
Uremic patients in the diet should eat something?. For azotemia and uremia patients mainly with low protein diet as the main, the choice of protein containing essential amino acids of animal protein such as milk, lean meat, fish, egg, and daily protein intake to 20 grams is appropriate; second is to get enough vitamins, eat some easily digestion also contains rich vitamin B, C, D fruits and vegetables. Also pay attention to add enough calories, according to the disease control the amount of drinking water. General calcium in uremic patients is low, can eat some high calcium foods such as fish, shrimp and other high calcium foods.
Of course, in the diet should pay attention to these, low potassium diet, so try to avoid some high potassium foods such as bananas, oranges; low salt diet, eat some high salt foods such as soy sauce and the like; low phosphorus diet, eat some high phosphorus foods such as animal internal organs; low fat diet as far as possible, with vegetable oil; high quality low protein diet such as milk, lean meat; high vitamin diet such as eating some cucumbers, tomatoes, apples, pears and so on. At the same time also need to avoid spicy food, avoid alcohol and so on.
Uremic patient once the situation is serious or the illness can not be delayed, the need for timely to a regular hospital for treatment, timely replacement therapy to avoid other body organs caused irreversible damage such as the impact on the heart, blood, digestive system, skeletal system and so on.

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