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What should notice to treat in acute uremia?

2017-01-25 11:00
What should notice to treat in acute uremia?
Everyone from the disease to the treatment is a very long time to cure the disease, but in life, the disease is the need for careful conditioning, so people should pay more attention to this knowledge. There are some ways in which a disease can be cured, but not a necessity. How much do you know about the disease, such as acute uremia. The following is our website by the Affiliated Hospital of kidney disease experts to explain in detail, "acute uremia treatment should pay attention to it":
The families of patients in daily life should be given reasonable nutrition to patients, for high catabolism, and glomerular filtration rate (detoxification capacity) or higher dialysis treated patients, a lot of time sufficient nutrients tend to give.
When a lot of close monitoring of water or electrolyte balance, a lot of this acute uremia, especially in a very large part of the oliguria stage should be followed so that should pay attention to, rather than not rule. However, the daily fluid intake was +400ml. Be sure to pay attention to the supply of potassium, sodium, phosphorus and other electrolytes. Diet therapy, if the patient does not feed the foot, a lot of time can be given enteral nutrition management, so that the gastrointestinal dysfunction in patients with parenteral nutrition support.
My website under the kidney hospital at home and abroad and kidney in clinical development of cutting-edge technology, adhere to tradition and innovation, the unique advantages of combining traditional Chinese and Western medicine cure kidney disease, set the essence of traditional Chinese medicine innovation and inheritance, through investigation and Practice for many years, the formation of a comprehensive prevention and treatment of kidney disease: Six + osmotherapy immune therapy of Chinese medicine a unique program.
Reminder: simple explanations do and this is our hospital kidney experts on the "Chinese medicine for treating acute uremia note", I hope this information to help you, all kinds of diseases in life is to heal, but the treatment of each disease also are not the same. Therefore, each disease in the treatment of a number of fixed matters need to pay attention to, if you still need to know, you are welcome to call at any time online expert.
The treatment from the infection causes, environmental reasons, immune causes, nerve function disorders, endocrine causes, plants lack of trace elements and nutrition, disorder, drug induced The new supersedes the old. pathogenic causes, spirit of reason, renal microcirculation disorder and ischemia, hypoxia and ischemia reperfusion injury causes and mechanism of starting from kidney disease the causes of the disease, treatment and multi angle, multi channels, multiple targets and pathways for the treatment of kidney disease.

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