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Chronic uremia how kind of diet is conducive to the recovery of the disease?

2017-01-26 08:43

Chronic uremia how kind of diet is conducive to the recovery of the disease?
Chronic uremia is one of the most common forms of kidney disease! Since it is kidney disease, it can be imagined that the side effects of the disease on the human body is enormous! So, in order to keep yourself from the side effects of the disease, it is necessary to actively prevent the performance of chronic uremia, of course, if you are not careful, you should pay attention to the diet. So, how to eat a good diet? Here, the kidney disease experts from the kidney hospital to explain in detail for you!
Chronic uremia (chronicrenalfailure, CRF) refers to a variety of kidney diseases resulting in three kidney function progressive irreversible decline, until the loss of function of a series of performance and metabolic imbalance show of clinical syndrome, chronic renal failure.
How to eat a good example of chronic uremia - as follows:
1, the acquisition of high calorie: get foot amount of carbohydrates, fat in order to supply the human foot enough calories, away from the protein to give heat and decomposition, reduce the consumption of protein. To get enough calories, eat margarine, vegetable oil and sugar. Food should be rich in vitamin B, C, folic acid, can also be given tablets orally.
2, chronic uremia patients often have high phosphorus, hypocalcemia, easy cause renal osteodystrophy, should be taken to limit phosphorus diet and the use of intestinal phosphate binders, should also supply calcium.
3, chronic uremia patients associated with edema and high blood pressure, should have a low salt diet, serious edema and oliguria patients, should be in limiting the amount of water and high potassium food (longan, tremella, sesame etc.).
4, chronic uremia patients before dialysis, should be given a low protein diet, in order to reduce the number of metabolites (urea nitrogen) source, reduce the burden on the kidneys, slow down the rate of deterioration of renal function. The amount of protein should be adjusted according to the degree of renal function damage.
When the glomerular filtration rate (detoxification capacity) fell to below 50ml/ points should be carried out the appropriate protein restriction, the foot can be almost enough to the body's physiological needs, but not to poor nutrition. Uremia creatinine high phase protein should be strictly limited in 20g/d, GFR> 20ml/ points in patients with 5g/d. And requires more than 60% of high-quality protein, containing essential amino acids of animal protein, such as eggs, milk, lean meat, etc..
5, has been dialysis chronic uremia patients, do not need to strictly limit the diet, but should be in accordance with the height, weight, dialysis method, the number of dialysis and urine volume for their diet plan.
All of these are experts in our hospital around the "chronic uremia, how to eat a good diet," and so, we should now be clear about the disease related diet question! A good diet plays an important effect, both feet on the treatment of disease and side effects, in order to get rid of chronic uremia for your disease, to achieve a reasonable diet, we must in the daily life of a healthy diet, in order to have a healthy body!

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