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Uremia Diet

2017-01-25 16:15

As an important organ of the human body, the kidney plays an important role in eliminating the toxins produced by the human body. Therefore, we should pay more attention to their diet, good diet can ease the prevalence of patients. So, uremia patients should pay attention to what?

1, Some calories to uremia patients are still good. Generally speaking, to give patients sufficient heat, can not limit the intake of fat and sugar, in order to prevent the decomposition of the body to maintain the balance of nitrogen. Given the low salt, low protein diet, egg, milk and other animal protein diet, containing a large number of non essential amino acids of vegetable protein (such as: walnut, peanut, melon seeds and nuts such as almond etc.).

2, A large number of protein foods will increase the patient's condition. Avoid eating large amounts of protein, and pay attention to the daily intake of protein in order to allow meal. Avoid high quality protein can not be fully utilized, resulting in inadequate protein intake. However, attention should be paid to the amount of protein in fruits and vegetables. Should also be given a lot of vitamins. Staple food should limit the intake of cereals. Given the high calorie, low protein wheat starch, corn starch, lotus root starch etc.. In patients given urea high calorie, high vitamin, low protein diet at the same time, usually limit the high phosphorus intake of food. Eat rice, meat, fish, boiled to the soup after cooking and cooking. Low phosphorus diet plus phosphate binder.

3, Full of water can also ease the patient's condition. The amount of water intake is advocated: according to the day before the amount of urine and 500ml calculation, in uremia patients with water metabolism disorders, depending on the specific circumstances, the general amount of liquid into the 2l. Diet should also pay attention to potassium, sodium, magnesium and other trace elements supplement or limit. Because uremia patient condition is changeful. Therefore, it should be based on the laboratory test report at any time to adjust the diet treatment program.


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