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Symptoms and diet methods of uremia

2017-08-22 15:12

Uremia’s existence, let patients to become more physically weak, in the life of the patients is difficult to swallow, usually need to pay attention to the presence of the disease in life, to a reasonable choice of food, the intake of sodium and protein are required, so, what is the diet of uremia?

Symptoms and diet methods of uremia

Sodium intake restriction: because the salt contains higher sodium content, in the uremia body, if has too many sodium, can cause the body water retention, thus causes the heart and lung function failure and aggravates the uremia situation. But do not use low sodium salt in the diet of uremia, because of low sodium salt and high potassium ion.

Protein intake restriction: without dialysis, kidney cannot be produced due to protein metabolism after discharge of waste, the uremia situation is more serious, therefore, would suggest reduced protein intake; but also pay attention to insufficient protein intake, will lead to reduced muscle myofibrillar decomposition; if the protein and calorie intake are insufficient, in order to ensure the body an important organ of energy supply, the reduced protein synthesis and muscle protein degradation increased, serum creatinine increased more.

Potassium intake restriction: the accumulation of potassium in the body can cause muscle weakness, which can lead to heart failure, which can lead to heart failure. This is the common dietary point of uremia.

The above uremia diet method, everybody now clear? Usually we should pay attention to the condition changes, take reasonable treatment, female patients may have poor appetite, and the body will appear edema, for patients, usually need to pay attention to mental health, so as to recover quickly.

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