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Can uremic patients eat oranges?

2017-09-10 17:07

Although the nutrition of orange has a lot, but this kind of fruit for uremia patient cannot eat, so, can uremia patient eat orange?

Potassium ion is an important material for human body. However, when potassium levels are too high in the body, it can lead to bradycardia, block of conduction, or even sudden cardiac arrest, which can be life-threatening. Because of the decline of glomerular filtration rate and the decrease of renal tubular function in uremia patients, the ability of discharging potassium in uremic patients is also poor. And oranges contain lots of potassium ions. So uremia patients can not eat oranges.

Because uremia patients often appear edema and kidney failure and other symptoms during treatment, uremia diet is very importance, and for the treatment of uremia is very important. But at the same time, if you can adjust your diet, you'll get twice the result effort. The treatment of uremia will also play an auxiliary role.

Therefore, uremia patients should be reasonable intake of vegetables and fruits during the treatment, but need according to their own conditions reasonable intake. The intake of salt is also taboo. Patients who usually have heavy tastes should pay special attention. Seafood is also not to eat. Protein intake is also limited in uremic patients. It is necessary to pay more attention at ordinary times.

In fact, for patients, not only to actively cooperate with the inspection and treatment of the doctor, more is to assist the treatment related in daily life, especially in the diet must pay attention to health, please do not give up treatment.

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