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What does the common diet of uremia nurse have?

2017-09-12 18:01

In real life, some foods can help uremia patients conditioning, especially in patients with severe uremia, more need for timely maintenance of uremia diet. What does the common diet of uremia nurse have?

What does the common diet of uremia nurse have?

Low salt diet: chronic nephritis is mostly caused by acute nephritis. When the clinical symptoms of hematuria, proteinuria, edema, high blood pressure, the diet should avoid more salt. Because the salt eats more, the sodium will increase, causes the human body organization electrolyte concentration to increase, but when the sodium concentration increases, then is the formation dropsy important reason. Sodium can hold water, so patients with kidney disease must avoid salt. There is edema and oliguria, drug problem, you can choose some suitable food with the water. Such as melon belly attending water swelling diuresis, thirst. This is a common diet for uremia.

Eating fish and soy products, to supplement the protein: protein losing nephropathy patients from the urine, so it must be from the food supplement. Normal plasma protein is lower than normal, can increase fish, eggs and other high protein foods. But when the non protein nitrogen in the blood is increased, the low protein diet should be selected. Such as drink some soup, because the fish protein in the meat 70%. Edible fish soup can replenish nutrition, and available water swelling. When you need to add protein, can choose fresh carp soup. Carp are rich in protein, calcium, phosphorus and vitamin A, B and so on. In addition, you can eat tofu rich in protein, soy milk and other bean products. This is also common dietary care for uremia.

The above is about the common diet of uremia nurse have introduction, I believe you have some understanding of this. For more questions about the uremic diet, consult our online nephropathy specialist who will answer the questions in detail.

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