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How does hemodialysis patients supplement their nutrition?

2017-09-18 16:17

Diet treatment is the basis of hemodialysis patients, hemodialysis can increase the loss of nutrients, so dialysis patients diet management is different from non dialysis treatment patients, should be required to supplement nutrition:

How does hemodialysis patients supplement their nutrition?

Protein requirements: because hemodialysis treatment often has amino acids and a small amount of protein lost, so dietary principle should be relaxed, the daily protein intake can rise to 1.0--1.2 grams / kg body weight. The nutrition standard to maintain a stable state of hemodialysis patients is reasonable, but to alleviate malnutrition before dialysis and dialysis after infection, heart disease, gastrointestinal diseases, it is not enough, also need additional essential amino acids and other nutrients.

Calories and requirements: adequate calorie intake, the body can effectively use the intake of protein and maintain adequate nutrient storage. Stable hemodialysis patients usually require about 138.07 - 146 thousand and 440 joules per kilogram of weight during their sitting days.

Limiting cholesterol intake: hemodialysis patients are often associated with hyperlipidemia. However, cholesterol restriction should be chosen because many cholesterol containing foods are also the main foods containing high protein, such as meat, eggs and so on. Patients can eat egg white, not only to ensure high quality protein intake, but also reduce cholesterol intake. Fish meat or poultry meat than meat.

Lack of dietary changes, metabolic changes and loss of vitamin a dialysate may result in vitamin deficiencies in dialysis patients. Such as vitamin C, folic acid, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, vitamin A and so on.

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