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Diet recommendations for hemodialysis patients

2017-11-01 17:54

The hemodialysis patients diet should provide sufficient nutrients (protein, vitamins and calories), and pay attention to the prevention of hypertension, hyperkalemia, hyperphosphatemia and other complications.

Diet recommendations for hemodialysis patients

To supplement high quality proteins, the human body has 8 essential amino acids that cannot be synthesized in vivo and must be supplied by food. The high biological value protein can provide the most complete and appropriate proportion of essential amino acids, and the ratio of the synthesized human protein is high, resulting in less metabolites. Foods such as egg white, milk, beef, poultry, fish; low biological protein, essential amino acids less, such as rice, flour, beans, vegetables, vegetable protein. When choosing protein food in hemodialysis patients, more than 2/3 is required to produce high price protein containing essential amino acids.

Adequate intake of calories, calories mainly from carbohydrates and fat, fat calories is 2 times higher than that of carbohydrates and protein, can choose but should pay attention to increase the unsaturated fatty acids, encourage patients to use vegetable oil and margarine, to reduce atherosclerosis may.

Strictly control the intake of water, the water intake of maintenance dialysis patients should be the previous day urine volume plus 500ml not dominant water loss. We must pay attention to the source of water. Besides milk, fruit and drinks, the food also contains water, which is often difficult to estimate in real life.

To control potassium containing foods, excessive blood potassium can cause serious heart conduction and contraction abnormalities, and even lead to death. Therefore, dialysis patients should be able to control potassium intake, especially for patients with oliguria or oliguria.

To control sodium intake, excessive salt intake in maintenance dialysis patients can lead to thirst and excessive drinking, resulting in high blood pressure or edema. Avoid high sodium intake of food, such as pickles, salted eggs, butter and various pickled food.

The control of phosphorus food intake, chronic renal failure patients prone to hyperphosphatemia, is an important factor causing renal osteodystrophy and secondary hyperparathyroidism, and become a serious complication of chronic dialysis patients. Almost all foods contain phosphorus, hemodialysis patients should avoid taking phosphorus containing high food.


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