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How should hemodialysis patients drink water?

2017-11-01 17:57

Water for uremic patients can be said to be another kind of poison, especially for dialysis patients, oliguria or non urine state, if more drinking water, easily induced acute heart failure, induced uremia heart disease. Some of the poor weight control patients are dehydrated four or five kg each time, dialysis excessive dehydration, and dehydration faster, will increase the heart load.

How should hemodialysis patients drink water?

Hemodialysis patients, especially those without urine, should strictly control the amount of drinking water, because some fruits, vegetables and even water may lead to deterioration of the disease. Kidney patients should grasp the self health management know-how, beware of hyperkalemia, hyperphosphatemia. So, how should hemodialysis patients drink water?

Patients usually do maintenance dialysis three times a week, and the rest of the time at home and normal people. But it also brings a big problem: 70% of the patients are difficult to achieve self health management. The easy problem is the patient without urine. Urine is a method of detoxification, and patients with complete urine in intermittent, sweating, soup, eating fruit and water can not drain out, easily lead to pulmonary edema, heart failure, life-threatening.

The dialysis middle-aged fat muscle content of this population is relatively stable, but the moisture content with daily intake has obvious changes, the general requirements of anuria patients daily weight gain may not exceed 1 kg, weight gain during dialysis in 5% the following is normal. More than the limit, the increase of body weight, mostly moisture, should be dialysis through dialysis. Without urine, the ideal water removal rate should be below two kg, while those with urine can relax the manipulation of water properly, but it is not recommended to eat high moisture content foods such as watermelon.

Dialysis patients should also grasp the knack of drinking water, such as hot days, thirsty meaning, mouthwash can be spit out, or with cotton stick wet lips or mouthwash. When you feel thirsty, drink a small amount of water, or distribute the amount of water that you can drink in a day, and put it in a container.


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