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Can kidney disease patients eat banana? Dietary principles o

2018-01-18 16:55

Modern studies show that: banana contains rich soluble fiber, can help digestion, adjust gastrointestinal function, suitable for spleen and stomach weakness, diet reduction, intestinal dryness constipation, hemorrhoids bleeding and other diseases. Banana also contains a variety of vitamins. Especially vitamin E can increase the elasticity of vascular wall and contain more trace element potassium ions which can reduce blood pressure, so it is more suitable for patients with hypertension and arteriosclerosis.

Can kidney disease patients eat banana? Dietary principles of chronic nephropathy

However, bananas also contain more sodium, kidney disease or kidney dysfunction of people eating bananas will naturally make too much sodium into the body. Excess sodium can not be drained out in time, stored in human tissues. In order to dilute the excess sodium in the body, the body can only absorb more water.

Nephritis patients are not allowed to eat bananas, because bananas contain a large amount of potassium, magnesium, nephritis patients with poor filtration function, bananas will make the blood calcium, potassium and magnesium proportion imbalance. The excessive consumption of bananas in patients with renal insufficiency will increase the burden of renal function and delay the improvement of the condition and may lead to the deterioration of the disease.

It can be seen that although banana nutrition, but kidney disease patients should be careful when eating. Patients with nephritis should not eat bananas, not to mention a large amount of bananas.

In addition, nephrotic patients should eat as little as possible high potassium foods, such as lentils, broad beans and other dry beans, porphyra, shrimp skin, kelp and other aquatic products, algae, nuts and preserved fruit, potato chips and other best not to eat or eat.

In addition, vegetables before eating cut and soak, hot with boiling water to fry again, can reduce potassium content; Eat fruit can add sugar after boiling water to eat fruit, do not drink juice drinks; Eat less hot pot, avoid using broth to mix rice, do not drink monosodium glutamate soup; Do not eat low sodium salt on the market, low sodium soy sauce; Coffee and tea also contain a large number of potassium ions, like to drink coffee, tea patients should pay special attention; Ultra-low temperature refrigerated foods contain a third less potassium than fresh foods.

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