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Uremia patients with diet

2018-06-09 08:42

The actual diet of patients with the corresponding dietary adjustment method is the most scientific, especially for salt and water intake, uremia patients should be based on the condition. General uremic patients, if the edema is not serious, urine output is still more, the basic normal blood pressure, salt and water intake without strict restrictions, because less salt water will reduce blood volume, thus affecting the renal blood flow and increase metabolism Retention of waste. If the patient's urine output is very low (less than 800 ml urine volume for 24 hours), then a salt-free and salt-limited diet should be used. Patients with high serum potassium, potassium foods to limit restrictions, such as mushrooms, kelp, spinach, peanuts, sweet potatoes, beans and meat.

Uremia patients with diet

In normal life, diet with uremic patients is particularly crucial, because after a reasonable diet regimen, the patient's physical condition has been improved, the treatment of uremia will get a positive result with half the effort. So in peacetime, uremia patients should be how to make a reasonable diet with it?

Since the patient's renal function has subsided after the illness, eating more easily digestible and nutritious foods is critical. For patients with uremia diet, adequate supply of vitamins and inorganic salts, especially with more intake of detoxifying vitamin C and metabolism of B vitamins, and can improve the body's electrolyte balance of various inorganic salts. Therefore, patients with uremia should eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.

In accordance with the principles of science and diet with uremia patients need attention, and only improve their physique effectively in order to lay the foundation for the treatment of uremia. Therefore, these dietary methods are usually patients need to be actively used, to speed up the process of treatment of uremia is particularly helpful.

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