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Peritoneal dialysis patients can eat more fish

2017-02-02 15:18
In view of the treatment of uremia and high degree of renal disease, the most common method of dialysis, dialysis in the clinical utilization rate is relatively high. After the patient was given a peritoneal dialysis, in the diet, some people would ask such a question, peritoneal dialysis patients can eat more fish because they will feel a lot of fish protein. Hebei nephropathy treatment network of kidney experts for this question, launched a discussion. Can a patient with peritoneal dialysis eat more fish? Let's see what a kidney specialist says.
Peritoneal dialysis can eat fish? The real situation is that poor nutrition leads to reduced resistance, induced or aggravated infection, infection, in turn, increase the poor nutrition, showing a vicious circle. A key reason is the quality of life in PD patients decreased. Often eat fish is fish, rich in quality protein, often eat can increase the serum albumin level of patients, improve the nutritional status of patients, and enhance the patient's resistance, reduce the incidence of infection. At the same time, because of the protective effect of fish meat on heart and cerebral vessels, the incidence rate of heart and cerebrovascular complications of patients was decreased. On the other hand, because the fish is rich in fish oil, often eating can reduce hyperlipidemia caused by peritoneal dialysis patients, improve blood lipid imbalance.
It can be seen that peritoneal dialysis can eat more fish? Fish for protective efficacy in PD patients are in many aspects, it can make the patient really benefit. However, everything has a degree, even the best things, if excessive, there will be side effects. The product of protein metabolism is one of the main components of urine toxins, but there is no way to completely replace the dialysis treatment of renal function, if the protein is beyond the PD scavenging ability on urinary toxins, it may aggravate uremia creatinine high performance. The American Dietetic Association and the International Association of peritoneal dialysis on peritoneal dialysis patients every day to obtain protein standard is 1.2 1.3g/ kg, with a weight of 60 kilograms of patients, the amount of protein per day should be obtained at 72 78g or so, if the fish as the main protein to be extract, this is a day to eat the amount of fish. This is a simple, very low cost approach to the benefit of patients with peritoneal dialysis.
On the peritoneal dialysis patients can eat more fish, this question, the expert explained that the kidney, although the benefits of eating fish, but also have a certain limit, no way too much, otherwise there will be side effects. Hebei kidney hospital is a special hospital for the treatment of kidney disease, the patient if there is any doubt is not very clear, welcome to our hospital for consultation, but also online consultation of our kidney specialist.

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