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How to prevent pruritus in the uremic patient

2017-03-19 13:33

There are many types of kidney disease, some of which have a complication. Skin itching like uremic patients who is high creatinine forms relatively common.In many cases, this kind of disease is very difficult to endure.

pruritus in  the uremic patient

1. the diet should be light, do not eat or eat chili, mustard and other spicy food, tea, coffee and other beverages.

2. eat less fat, high sugar foods, such as desserts, cream, etc..

3. the staple food should eat more whole grains, can supply vitamin B which has a protective effect on the skin.

4. eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, can control dry skin.

5. away from wearing chemical fiber clothes, because the chemical fiber can be caused by friction with the skin to stimulate the skin. Should choose loose cotton clothes, new underwear should be purchased, so as to avoid chemicals to stimulate the skin.

6. bath should be scientific, not because the dry skin and a long time in the hot water wash, make the skin surface of the oil has been repeatedly washed, even make the skin more dry.

7. take a shower every winter up to 2 times a week, do not use irritating soap bath, rinse with water.

8. after the bath rub with lanolin or camphor lubricant coating.

9. to control emotions, pay attention to rest, maintain emotional stability, due to psychological factors will also affect the body's sensitivity to stimulation.

10. pay attention to maintaining the skin cleaning and hygiene, frequently change clothes; away from skin trauma and infection.

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