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Kidney disease diet eat food

2017-01-18 09:41

Foods high in phosphorus such as: milk, milk, fresh milk, long small fish, so to reduce consumption. If you really want to eat foods high in calcium, you can drink a little yogurt or calcium supplementation, and according to doctors ' instructions using the phosphate binder.

Low-protein diets:

In patients with kidney disease protein cannot be produced by nitrogen-containing wastes, so use low-protein diet, and 50~70% need Gaosheng price food, such as chicken, beef, pork, mutton, bean, and so on. Protein intake will vary due to chronic renal failure patients at different stages, the deployment of proteins.

Because protein is absorbed less and should choose high quality protein, such as meat, milk, eggs, fish, yellow bean, sufficient heat is also important. Low starch can be used, such as bean, Mi Tai, pink powder, sweet potato, Lotus root starch, xigumi as snack, boiled sweets, honey, fructose, powder can be added mystery to increase heat, or low-protein milk powder or drink.

You can eat fruits and vegetables. Multivitamin contains minerals, particularly vitamins a, e and k supplements, can have toxic effects, before consumption to avoid replenished.

Food notes: 1. Eating a low salt diet, you want to eat light, avoid consuming alcohol and spicy food, eating less fat and animal protein or meat-containing foods (such as fatty meat, shrimp, crab, etc)

2. Avoid eating legumes and their products (such as tofu, bean sprouts, soy flour, and so on)

3. Edema, high blood pressure, heart failure, and should eat less salt or salt-free diet.

4. Renal failure, uremia patients to pay special attention to: ① fast pulses and derived products, eat nuts (such as walnuts, chestnuts, almonds, and so on) and processed foods (such as pickles, pickles, etc).

Second, the daily intake of protein (lean meat, milk, eggs, etc) should be controlled. According to each condition, the general adult daily 2-3 about and 3-5 food.

③ period of renal failure kidney drainage capacity is limited, you need to control the intake of water, it is recommended that calculated according to the formula: = previous day's total of water into urine + 500-800 ml.

II in order to make the discharge can increase creatinine, urea nitrogen, urine must be unobstructed, stool rather than two or three times a day instead of two or three days at a time. Melon, watermelon, gourd diuretic, red bean soup, black bean soup, bean soup, sugar, drink, heat-clearing and diuretic. Honey, bananas, pears, radishes, walnuts meats, black sesame, laxative, which can be combined with drug, often used.

5. Fasting in patients with this hair content: some foods are easy to kidney disease recurrence, such as rooster, carp, and old pork, geese are FA-Wu, the patient should be fasting.

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