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Why do patients with uremia often flow nosebleed

2017-01-24 13:43

Patients with uremia in summer is a variety of symptoms of multiple stage, more common is nausea, loss of appetite, but there are some unusual or the symptoms: not easy to know the nosebleeds.

Why do patients with uremia often flow nosebleed

Is the most common had uremia patients with early symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite. Especially to enter the uremia in late stage, the whole body system will be affected, mental disorder, severe coma will endanger the life. Uremia patients have nosebleed, more nasal mucous membrane rupture was caused by blood pressure, liver or muscle caused by high. To avoid similar symptoms, and even more serious complications, early treatment for patients with uremia can prevent the deterioration of the early uremia.

Western medicine treatment of uremia mainly drug treatment, such as the doctor commonly used oral row poison and enema row poison, the main effect of these drugs is by increasing the intestinal toxins, to reduce the purpose of toxins such as creatinine, blood urea, works as an alternative to kidneys.


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