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What are the manifestations of uremia patients easily ignore

2017-01-25 11:16
What are the manifestations of uremia patients easily ignored?
Easy to be ignored by uremic patients? A lot of time uremic patients with media has been sick, but because the performance is not obvious, the patient is not easy to show abnormal, not to let the disease get the time to heal. There are some patients do not pay enough attention to the side effects of uremia, thus ignoring the treatment of uremia. So easy to be ignored by uremic patients performance? Let me have a kidney expert for the detailed analysis.
Uremic patients are easily overlooked performance:
1, anemia
Uremia is very easy to make the patient showed anemia, renal failure caused by erythropoietin reduced, the patient will have weakness and anemia.
2, nosebleeds
For uremic patients often frequent bleeding, renal failure resulting in blood coagulation function drops, cause patients often nosebleeds.
3, hypoglycemia
When the kidneys show renal failure, when it is not effective in the destruction of insulin in vivo, some of the patients with higher blood glucose will show a hypoglycemic performance.
4, fracture
Usually for uremia patients are more likely to show fractures, renal failure resulting in regulation of calcium and phosphorus metabolism of active vitamin D3 reduced, the patient is easy to fracture.
5, heart failure
A large number of patients with uremia will show a different degree of heart failure, renal failure in patients with toxins and acidosis inhibited the contraction and relaxation of myocardial cells and induce heart failure.
In the daily we should improve the awareness of uremia, to seize the time to accurately identify these symptoms of uremia. After diagnosed with uremia, to seize the time to heal. In view of the complex and difficult to break the trouble of uremia, our hospital took the lead in the domestic use of the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine therapy + six". "Traditional Chinese medicine therapy with traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) + six immunotherapy" is a kind of new treatment method, which is proved to be successful and feasible. The Chinese medicine treatment system to achieve broad and profound organic combination of Western medicine and high-end technology between application, for years, had a satisfactory clinical efficacy, is revolutionizing treatment to treat kidney disease in twenty-first Century.
Through the detailed explanation of the above kidney experts, I hope the majority of patients with kidney, can pay more attention to the treatment of uremia. In the first time after showing illness, seize the time to receive treatment, to control the deterioration of the disease.

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