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Hold your pee will really cause uremia?

2017-03-19 11:38


As we all know, the kidney and its related organs, is a specialized with the water to deal with the system, the body of excess water, waste generated by the metabolism of waste, mainly by the kidneys to complete. 

Excretion of urine can excrete the final metabolites ,maintaining osmotic pressure of extracellular fluid and plasma and acid-base balance. If water and metabolic end products in vitro can not be ruled out, and retention in the body, at this time, the intravesical pressure will too large,not only lead to renal excretion of metabolic function waste damage,but also urinary retention and urinary bladder to reach a certain number. The bladder in order to change this state, will increase the amount of urine, to meet more and more water in the process, which can be damaged by bladder muscle expansion.

hold your pee

In addition, the urine in the bladder for too long  is easy to breed, bacterial retrograde to the kidney, thus easily lead to urinary tract infection and pyelonephritis.Once full habit, this kind of infection once repeated attacks, can develop for urinary sepsis.


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