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More and more serious kidney disease

2017-02-15 09:52

The kidney can not only produce urine, remove waste, toxic, as well as absorption, endocrine and other functions, and its strong functional reserves can deal with a variety of external factors that may lead to kidney damage. However, when the decline in renal function reserve, the body becomes sensitive to nephrotoxic factors, at this time prone to kidney disease

The elderly, patients with diabetes, chronic kidney disease or combined heart lung and liver and other important organs of patients are at high risk of kidney injury, be careful in the use of cold medicine, Chinese medicine and other drugs, pay attention to avoid contact with various factors of renal toxicity.

Eat these drugs to cause acute kidney injury

Network transmission eat cold medicine will lead to acute kidney injury, Yang Xiaobing said so. He explained that many drugs cold medicines containing antipyretic analgesic, used to relieve cold symptoms. The antipyretic analgesic medicine called non steroidal anti-inflammatory drug class ", has kidney toxicity, excessive or inappropriate use of the" cold medicines containing non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs "may lead to renal injury.

Especially for special populations, such as the elderly, chronic disease (diabetes, chronic kidney disease) patients, or in diarrhea dehydration, stress state, and with a variety of drugs such as the special status, taking cold medicine is not correct, the possibility of acute kidney injury increased significantly.

Not only that, Chinese medicine may also cause acute kidney injury. Yang Xiaobing introduction, currently recognized is Chinese herbs containing aristolochic acid can cause kidney damage, such as Longdan xieganwan Guanmutong, etc.. But in clinical practice, and many Chinese medicine related acute kidney injury is often in patients taking some unknown components or complex "recipe", "grass", and taking in large dose, long time.

Therefore, to avoid the renal injury caused by traditional Chinese medicine, should be careful not to abuse, drug abuse, not long-term, high dose of Chinese herbal medicine taking unknown composition, the so-called secret recipe.

Less urine, edema in time to find out the internal medicine

After renal injury, the most common symptoms are oliguria and edema. "Kidney injury, unable to filter the blood to produce urine discharge excess water, there will be decreased urine volume, eyelid and facial edema of lower extremity or waist, there will be a dull pain, weakness, poor appetite, nausea and vomiting," some kidney injury patients may also occur in solution of hematuria, urinary symptoms such as increased foam.

However, it may be possible to treat the kidney injury correctly and properly, and the patient with acute kidney injury, who is younger and has no chronic complications, can recover completely.

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