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The skin will be itching is later uremia

2017-02-19 09:29

A 60 year old environmental volunteers long-term skin itch, he mistakenly thought that the waste caused by contact, not take it seriously, did not expect suffering from uremia, must lifelong dialysis. Kidney disease experts said that more than half of patients with uremia will appear acquired penetrating skin lesions, and some mistakenly believe that skin disease without knowing.
This male patient is environmental protection volunteers, often around picking up waste, long limbs skin itch, mistakenly thought it was exposed to clean waste, skin contact caused by insects, not take it seriously.
The recent cold weather, the volunteers for skin a central part of the depression was keratotic papules, nodules appear zhuapo bleeding, doctors diagnosed as "acquired penetrating skin lesions, and rash distribution to the limbs, stomach, neck, the situation is more serious.

Medical examination found that the acid value of creatinine this male patients up to 12mg/dl, is 8 times higher than the normal value, renal atrophy, serious uremia, renal function is poor, need to accept every week dialysis treatment.
Acquired penetrating skin lesions can be said to be a significant sign of kidney disease, but often has a serious course of uremia. More than half of the patients with uremia, have skin itching, itching to catch people still do not know what besmeared with blood, kidney disease has to the point of dialysis.

If the male patient can be found earlier renal function is not good, can be changed by means of medication, diet, or permission to slow the deterioration of renal function, urged the public not to ignore the itchy skin ailments, must undergo regular health checks.

Many people into a winter skin itching symptoms, causes, and underlying diseases, because some light from the appearance is difficult to distinguish, must rely on biopsy to confirm the diagnosis, suggest people have itchy skin problems, with usually uses the maintenance or cleaning products, by providing professional dermatologist treatment and skin care advice.

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