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What causes uremia?

2017-03-02 14:55

Causes of uremia:
1, hypertension. Data show that 15% of patients with hypertension will be directly converted to uremia. Studies have shown that hypertension is a disease with the highest incidence of disease. So directly lead to the possibility of uremia is also very big.

2, diabetes. According to the study, 30% of patients with diabetes mellitus were directly converted to uremia.

3, nephropathy. Most of the cause uremia because of kidney disease, chronic kidney disease and glomerular inflammation will bring great pain to patients, if they can't get a thorough treatment, the final outcome is suffering from uremia.

4, urinary tract infection or urinary tract infection. According to the data statistics, incidence in our country with the rate of infection is more common in women, especially in the age of married women was the most common. Whether everyone is possible disease.

5, drug side effects. Is a drug three points of poison, long-term use of the drug is said to varying degrees of side effects caused by uremia. Data show that approximately 25% of patients with renal failure are associated with renal toxicity of the drug.

6, and age related. Most of the patients with uremia in our country are mostly elderly, because the body immunity of the elderly gradually declined. So you will have different types of kidney disease.

7, aids. Because of HIV infection caused by the rising trend of uremia year by year.

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