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How long can we live with advanced uremia?

2017-04-26 16:58

Uremia is a very dangerous disease, the disease will lead to death if the treatment is not timely or without good nursing, so the damage for patients is great, but as long as the patients accept the formal treatment they’ll recover well. Many patients worry about how long can they live when they’re informed of they’re sick, in fact, this is not the case.
If the early symptoms of uremia are hidden, not easy to be found, then enter the late stage of uremia, the symptoms can be described as extended to internal organs, extremely serious and obvious. At this point the patient's body system will be involved, then uremia, mental disorders, coma and other serious problem appears, and will be life-threatening.
If a long time dialysis or other factors lead to complete loss of renal function, which means that the all parts of kidneys have become fibrosis, hope of conservative treatment is basically zero, we can maintain life only by dialysis, some people can live for many years simply rely on dialysis, but need to bear the huge cost of the dialysis, otherwise is the kidney transplant.
So, how long can uremia patients be able to live? The most important thing is the extent of the disease condition, whether there is urine, the severity of the complications, whether the kidneys are completely fibroid and so on. If there is a certain amount of urine, the general means that the kidneys have a certain function, if residual renal function is protected well, with properly treatment and then restore a certain renal function, there is a great chance to get rid of dialysis, live a long-term healthy life with disease.
It is not to say that patients as long as suffering from uremia can not live for too long, the key point depends on the patient's physical condition, if the uremic patients in the early stages have timely detection and timely treatment, the probability of cure is still great. So that everyone must pay attention to their health condition in the daily life, have a timely treatment when the disease is found .

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