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What are the symptoms of uremia oliguria period

2017-04-26 18:40

I believe a lot of friends, are aware of uremia disease, the harm is great. Once after the onset of the disease, patients without timely treatment, or even a threat to his own life, so after the onset of timely and relevant treatment is very necessary, but currently in clinical treatment, there are many, in addition to traditional Chinese medicine treatment, diet recuperation can also play therapy a certain role. Can play a role in promoting the recovery of the disease. In the end what are the symptoms of uremia oliguria period?

This period of the patients, first the body will appear signs of electrolyte disorder, and in oliguria stage, general observation will find that patients have systemic edema, pulmonary edema, and may also have symptoms of hypertension and heart failure. This result is mainly caused by sodium retention.

In addition, patients will have nausea, fatigue, sleepiness and other situations, and in this period patients' blood pH value will decrease, but also accelerate the loss of appetite and respiratory symptoms. This situation is generally because the patient's body inside environment are in acidic ions, lead to patients appear metabolic acidosis.

Therefore,  in oliguria uremia period the harm is also very large, this is mainly because the toxins in the body of patients with oliguria renal failure is difficult to discharge, if long term, can directly endanger the lives of patients. Therefore, patients should be actively treated, not careless.

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