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Common symptoms of uremia

2017-06-09 14:47
Uremia is now a common kidney disease, then what symptoms of uremia it? What is the performance of uremia? Here to understand the symptoms of common symptoms of uremia.
First, uremic patients generally less normal digestive system, which is due to uremia can lead to the body of the body of the body there is no way to exclude the body, the body of the waste more patients will feel loss of appetite, abdominal distension, nausea, vomiting, acid reflux And so on, the main performance is black or occasional a small amount of vomiting.
Second, the patient's blood is generally not normal, which is the body of the body should be too much waste will lead to increased blood content in the blood, patients often bleeding gums, subcutaneous ecchymosis and so on. What are the symptoms of uremia? Blood is also some.
The third is uremic patients generally have a little mental problem, which should be a body but a lot of waste can not be excreted, it will affect some of the body's weak mental organs, so patients suffering from uremia sometimes the spirit unusual. What are the symptoms of uremia? The main manifestations are epilepsy, muscle spasms, disturbance of consciousness and cranial nerve damage.
The fourth is uremic patients generally have a problem in the respiratory tract, manifested as bronchial pneumonia, bronchitis, suppurative bronchitis and so on.
The fifth is uremic patients in the cardiovascular system will be a bit of symptoms, which is due to the accumulation of urine in vivo waste, the patient's blood content changes, it is easy to lead to some symptoms of cardiovascular, uremia with renal hypertension Up to 80% to 90%, the performance of headache, dizziness, severe vomiting, convulsions and other hypertensive encephalopathy performance. Uremic pericarditis incidence of up to 60% to 100%, 30% to 40% uremia pericarditis occurred pericardial effusion.

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