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What are the symptoms of children uremia in early stage?

2017-09-10 17:01

Uremia is a common kidney disease, the disease is very harmful to the human body, so, for the occurrence of this disease, should pay more attention to the early stage. Then, what are the symptoms of children uremia in early stage?

For most uremic children there will be swelling symptoms, swelling is generally the early stage of kidney disease, so timely discovery is critical. Edema develops further into persistent or generalized edema and has typically entered the early stages of uremia. In daily life, this is a relatively easy to detect symptoms, because at this time kidneys can not promptly remove excess water.

Children uremic patients will appear pale yellow or white and other symptoms, this is mainly due to anemia, impaired renal function often accompanied by anemia, but development of anemia is very slow, the contrast is generally not a period of time is too large, often will not attract attention. Often do not want to eat, acid regurgitation, abdominal distension, many times to the hospital after the inspection found no problem what. After taking the aid of digestion, the symptoms are not improved, blood creatinine and urea nitrogen should be examined.

The patient is also very prone to fatigue and tired, which may be an early symptom of uremia, but can easily be neglected because there are so many causes of fatigue. Especially for those who work hard, fatigue is a common occurrence, and it is easier to ignore if symptoms are improved after a short rest.

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