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What symptom does uremia skin have?

2017-09-13 17:36

What symptom does uremia skin have, the incidence rate of uremia, every year in every million population, new occurrence uremia patient nearly 100, the majority of them are young adults, seriously affecting people's health and life safety. Many people do not understand uremia, and delayed the best treatment period, what symptoms does uremia skin have ?

What symptom does uremia skin have?

Itchy skin is a common symptom in patients with uremia, may be toxic products of receptors in the skin irritation caused by; others think that with secondary hyperparathyroidism, because after parathyroidectomy, the pain relieved immediately.

In addition, the patient's skin is dry, desquamation, and tan. Changes in skin color were previously thought to be the cause of increased urinary pigment, but the absorption spectrophotometer showed that the skin pigment was mainly melanin. In the exposed parts of the skin, slight contusion can cause skin ecchymosis. Because human sweat contains a higher concentration of urea, so there is a white crystal of urea at the mouth of sweat glands, called urea cream.

Above is about what symptom does uremia skin have. Experts say, many people do not understand uremia, and delay the best treatment period, we need to understand the common sense of uremia in daily life, with physical discomfort, go to the hospital immediately!

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