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Hematuria is also an early symptom of kidney cancer

2017-10-09 16:49

Kidney cancer on human health has serious harm, people suffering from this disease, will bring inconvenience to people's life, and even affect the patients and their families work and learning, therefore, we must grasp the measures of prevention and treatment of kidney cancer, to understand the early symptoms of renal cancer, do early detection and early treatment.

Hematuria is also an early symptom of kidney cancer

The early symptoms of renal tumor cases also has hematuria. That they can not see with the naked eye hematuria, as for microscopic examination in the hospital found that a number of red blood cells, namely hematuria, no cause hematuria, and drug therapy did not improve the microscopic hematuria, also should be paid attention to, this is the early signal of hematuria in patients with renal tumor the patient in this period of time and get timely medical treatment detailed examination was the most meaningful.

To know renal tumor patients with intermittent hematuria, this is one of the early symptoms of renal tumors. A few days later can continue hematuria spontaneous remission, may also eat some drugs temporarily bleeding, the patient will often neglect the effect that the disease is good, but not in time for a detailed inspection, again until hematuria, or other symptoms that cause the patient's attention, has actually been delayed several months or a year or more, the tumor continued to grow during this time, erosion around the kidney, so the patient is not good consequences, painful lesson is profound.

The specific analysis of the early symptoms of renal hematuria, the experts tell us, if hematuria phenomenon, should immediately go to hospital for medical examination, should pay attention to the abnormal situation of its own, promptly to the hospital diagnosis, to avoid the tragedy, not delay treatment.

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