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Early symptoms of uremia are difficult to detect

2017-11-06 16:31

limb swelling

Limb swelling can be said to be the most obvious and easy to be aware of the symptoms of uremia. Uremia patients with renal failure and body water and sodium retention, patients may appear ankle, eyelid and other parts of the edema in the morning.

Early symptoms of uremia are difficult to detect

Yellow complexion

Anemia can cause pale yellow, uremia early will appear anemia like symptoms, weakness, yellow complexion. The face of the change is slow, difficult to detect, so it is often misdiagnosed.

The changes of urine volume

Because of the decline of renal function, the filtration function of uremic patients is also decreased, and the urine volume changes to some extent. Frequent urination symptoms but seemingly UTIs, Early Uremia will also appear this symptom, only a few of the patients don't have urine volume change.

The early symptoms of uremia are similar to other symptoms of the disease, often misdiagnosed. In clinic, there are a lot of uremic patients when the disease is found, uremia late metaphase.

In more serious illness, the treatment difficulty will increase, such as kidney transplantation, dialysis etc.. Patients are not only suffering from the pain, the huge cost of treatment is also a big problem. Therefore, the treatment of uremia should seize the period, while the harm of early uremia is still small, treatment is relatively easy.

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