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How is fatigue approaching uremia step by step?

2018-04-10 09:05

Any disease, regardless of severity, cannot be accomplished overnight, and it has a gradual accumulation process. The transition from seemingly simple fatigue to uremia generally goes through four steps:

Initial stage: Mild fatigue. When the renal function declines, the toxic waste produced by the body is difficult to discharge in the urine in time, often fatigue, lack of mental and other discomfort. Many people think that this is caused by their frequent exertion, and therefore ignore the problem of kidney disease.

How is fatigue approaching uremia step by step?

Progressive stage: elevated creatinine. Increased creatinine is considered as a key indicator of renal function decline. This is mainly due to decreased renal function, creatinine and other metabolic wastes will accumulate in the body, creatinine rise, blood urea, blood uric acid also increased.

Stages of development and change: anemia. After further impairment of renal function, the secretion of renal function will decline, anemia gradually appears. The patient is judged to have anemia as a major sign of renal failure, and the more severe the anemia is, the more pronounced is the condition of renal failure.

The final stage: high blood pressure. If you don't pay attention to the first three stages, the progress of the disease is really uremia!In that case, the difficulty of treatment can be imagined!At this time hypertension is more common, and blood pressure is generally high, uremia symptoms obvious.

Fatigue is associated with uremia? Don't rush to negate it first and measure your current fatigue status:

1. The whole body so tired, the alarm clocks are not awake; 2. Do not want to climb the stairs from work to work, the upper fifth floor is breathless; 3. Difficult to focus, often upset; 4. There is no spirit in the work , and can not stop yawning ; 5. The office seldom speaks, willing to be a silent lamb; 6. Memory fades, and forgetting things from time to time; 7. When you come home, you will lie on a sofa and you will not be active.

As long as there are more than 5, your physical health is already facing serious threats, and even less than five can not be taken lightly!

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