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What does the expression of chronic uremia have?

2017-01-24 16:06

I believe this is a matter of concern for every patient, chronic uremia is a nephropathy, it caused substantial harm to the human body, perhaps many patients have received treatment, but had no obvious effect, here, my website under the kidney hospital experts remind nephropathy patients: you heal before you know the table
Can be treated now, remember to have no way to blind treatment.
1 digestive system performance: This is the earliest and most common manifestation of chronic renal failure. Mainly manifested as poor appetite, taste disorders, nausea and vomiting, etc., in some cases may have diarrhea, bloating and constipation, etc.. The effect of urinary retention on digestive function may lead to reduced appetite, but most people do not associate it with kidney disease.
2 pale yellow or white: This is because of anemia caused by impaired renal function, often accompanied by anemia, anemia, but development is quite slow, usually do not contrast in a period of time is too large, often will not attract attention.
3 edema: This is a relatively easy to detect performance, because the kidneys have no way to seize the time to remove excess water caused by the body. Only the first part of the ankle and eye edema, after the break away. In the development of persistent or systemic edema, it usually has a high level of uremia.
4 changes in urine volume: because the renal filtration function is reduced, some patients with the disease will show a change in urine volume. There are a lot of patients with normal urine volume, but with the elimination of toxins excreted urine, so there is no way to completely rely on urine to determine the quality of renal function.
5 high blood pressure: kidney damage after no method of normal drainage sodium excretion, the body of water and sodium retention. In addition, the kidney will be damaged after the secretion of some high blood pressure. Therefore, the high level of uremia creatinine will show a different degree of high blood pressure. High blood pressure on blood coagulation mechanism difference likely to cause nasal bleeding or gum out
Blood, to trigger attention.
6 easy fatigue, weakness: this may be the first performance, but it is very easy to be ignored, because it can cause fatigue and weakness for too many reasons. Especially those in business "to fight", fatigue is a homely food, if a little rest after turn, it is easier to ignore.
What does the expression of chronic uremia have? The above is also done to explain. Although uremia is chronic, but its side effects are very large, so please sick people must be no way to ignore its existence. Above my site is affiliated with kidney disease hospital experts tell you, I believe you will have some help, and finally remind us of our hospital,
In order to you and other people's health, in normal life, we must pay attention to the disease, to prevent it from spreading.

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