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Renal failure patients under what circumstances can be dialy

2017-01-24 11:33

Renal failure patients under what circumstances can be dialysis
Kidney failure patients can do under the circumstances of god horse dialysis? In general, dialysis refers to renal replacement therapy, is the replacement of kidney dialysis machine. Generally, some patients with renal failure, liver muscle more than and 500 body tolerance not to live, then to dialysis, but some patients with renal failure to creatinine more than one thousand dialysis. How much does creatinine in patients with renal failure have to be dialysis?.
Dialysis in patients with renal failure, serum creatinine reduction effect is very good, the original CR more than 1 thousand, after a few hours of time can be reduced to 800 or less, but its disadvantage is reflected in: renal failure patients need to do regular dialysis, slightly relaxed creatinine will rise rapidly, even rise higher than the original, but the patients of kidney kidney failure in long-term dialysis, long time not waste, to completely necrosis, with the gradual decline in renal function, dialysis will be more frequent, through to the final to uremia, renal transplantation through only one path.
How much will reach creatinine renal failure dialysis? Above is not difficult to see that dialysis can only slow a nasty, is not a permanent solution. High blood creatinine does not need dialysis. At present, the traditional Chinese medicine to block the treatment of renal fibrosis, or the use of renal stem cell transplantation treatment technology can avoid the situation in the case of dialysis to reduce creatinine. Not only the method is simple and the effect is more obvious, the most critical is the treatment to the long-term curative effect is to repair the damage in patients with renal failure of renal function, and renal function in renal failure patients to their original excretion of creatinine began to play a role, to achieve self rehabilitation.
Dialysis chronic renal failure can be maintained long! Instead of simply dialysis kidney detoxification, only replacement therapy, pathological damage can not be repaired in the kidney dialysis, renal failure is not a permanent solution, must be in the dialysis on basis of systematic and standardized and comprehensive treatment measures of fundamental positive measures and basic therapy is aimed at kidney cells to repair and blocking.
Renal failure dialysis can alleviate the disease through the standard system of the treatment of kidney disease can achieve the effect of clinical improvement. Renal failure dialysis is only symptomatic treatment, can reduce the abnormal indicators in a short period of time, but can not fundamentally treat nephropathy. Because dialysis is a certain side effects, it is possible that kidney disease patients can not accept.
Dialysis chronic renal failure deadlimb can get rid of dialysis? Due to renal failure dialysis therapy can temporarily replace eduction body belongs to excessive toxins, temporarily alleviate the damage of high toxin in the body, but only to artificial kidney function, and not for the treatment of kidney, but can not prevent disease. At this point, if the amount of urine is still more, it means that the kidney is still a certain function of their own detoxification.

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