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What method does kidney failure still have besides dialysis?

2017-01-26 08:46

What method does kidney failure still have besides dialysis?
Renal failure in addition to what method of dialysis? In recent years, not only for patients with renal failure by dialysis therapy for the treatment of renal failure, chronic renal failure dialysis therapy progress very rapidly, it has not only increased significantly in the remission of clinical symptoms and curative effect on protecting renal function and prevent renal failure plays an important role in the development. So, in addition to dialysis, what are the methods?
(L) diet with low protein diet has long been used in the treatment of uremia, the protein and amino acid metabolism disorder is a major cause of chronic renal failure, many of the symptoms, and most of them are uremic toxin protein and amino acid metabolism or nitrogen metabolism, and nitrogen accumulation in the matter and there is a lack of protein and essential amino acids, two the mutual influence caused by vicious spiral. In order to remove uremic symptoms, at least must do: both correct azotemia and correct protein and essential amino acid deficiency. Therefore, dietary requirements; low protein, low phosphorus, high essential amino acids, high calorie, appropriate vitamins and appropriate minerals and trace elements.
(2) after the development of chronic renal failure with essential amino acid therapy, a series of metabolic disorders appear in the body, especially the metabolism of protein and amino acids. Its main characteristic is that the blood. Essential amino acid and histidine and tyrosine levels in plasma, non essential amino acid levels increased, essential amino acids and non essential amino acids ratio decreased, serum albumin, transferrin, total protein and immunoglobulin and complement components can be reduced, a large amount of nitrogen accumulation of metabolites in vivo. The reason may be as follows: Uremic toxic substances, inadequate intake of protein and energy absorption, intestinal dysfunction, disorder of amino acid in muscle operation and consumption increased, decreased the activities of some enzymes decreased and urinary protein loss in the in vivo synthesis of amino acid etc.. Essential amino acid supply method for daily intravenous drip 200 ~ 2500ml, drip speed per minute 1ml is appropriate. The course of treatment for more than 2 weeks, during which the daily protein 20g.
(3) the application of uremic diuretic, decreased glomerular filtration rate, can reduce the amount of urine, and strong medullary loop diuretics such as furosemide, sodium ethacrynate, due to the impaired glomerular filtration, can also use it, because at this time to maintain kidney function and alleviate clinical symptoms may play a certain role. Because furosemide is less toxic, so often used. Mild disease is generally oral 40mg, severe venous based, the first day to start 60mg, and according to the appropriate increase in the dosage of the disease can be used daily to 600 ~ 800mg, can also be used to 2000mg.
(4) application of vasodilator drugs
1) phentolamine: the causes of left ventricular function in chronic renal failure complicated with incomplete is hyperolemic; the hypertensive cardiac overload; the anemia, metabolic acidosis and electrolyte disorders, retention. Therefore, in the treatment of left ventricular dysfunction should be corrected in the electrolyte imbalance and acid-base imbalance at the same time, in order to reduce the burden on the heart. Phentolamine a receptor blocker, it can direct smooth muscle relaxation, dilation of blood vessels, and cholinergic function, so it can increase the blood flow, improve ischemia and hypoxia. And can immediately reduce blood pressure, reduce the burden on the heart, so as to prevent the occurrence of left ventricular dysfunction. At the same time, the application of cardiac diuretic can improve the renal blood flow, promote the excretion of potassium, sodium and water, and improve the clinical symptoms rapidly. Its usage is: 10% 20ml glucose ten 5mg after injection of phentolamine slowly, and then to 10% 200ml glucose ten phentolamine 15 ~ 25mg intravenous drip slowly. To improve dyspnea and pulmonary rales after the last 3 days.
To introduce the above the other way except outside the dialysis renal failure, including food therapy and drug treatment, renal failure patients to treatment, must find a professional hospital and professional medical treatment, so as not to delay the disease.

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