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Dialysis treatment of uremia effect

2017-01-24 11:36

Dialysis treatment of uremia effect
Uremia harm, only a few ways to completely cure uremia. Dialysis treatment of uremia effect? Dialysis treatment of uremia is one of several methods of better effect. We want to know the situation of kidney disease, the correct treatment, early physical rehabilitation.
Dialysis treatment of uremia effect on how to look at this issue we look at the National Hospital experts to give us a good introduction to the kidney.
Dialysis therapy is mainly used in patients with renal failure, because of their renal damage, urea and other toxins can not be excreted through the normal way, so to use dialysis treatment to remove toxins from their bodies. Blood dialysis is commonly known as bloodletting, but not really shake, just remove the toxin, the renal function can not be recovered, so patients need to regularly to the hospital for dialysis, painfully.
Each time a hemodialysis needle is 2 (usually in the arm), the 1 needle is used to draw blood from the artery, and the 1 is used to return the blood to the vein. To filter out the blood dialysis machine to achieve the purpose of dehydration and detoxification. Hold on to the machine for 4 hours each time. Dialysis may also result in blood pressure, heart rate, cramps and cramps in various ways. Therefore, nephritis patients to understand how the effect of dialysis treatment of uremia, the problem is very necessary.
Therefore, uremic dialysis is still very painful, must be strong and optimistic, keep a good attitude, the disease would not be so serious, do not always do dialysis, the devil will not always uremia around us.
About the effect of dialysis treatment of uremia, how to combine traditional Chinese and Western medicine treatment of nephritis, which is a symptomatic treatment and treatment of the same time. Western medicine to eliminate symptoms of nephritis, renal cells of traditional therapy cure repair, combined with western medicine treatment method and traditional therapy in the treatment of nephritis nephritis strengths, according to the principle of the pathogenesis of nephritis, methods of combining traditional Chinese and Western medicine in the treatment of chronic nephritis treatment played a good role.

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