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Active treatment is the top priority of uremia health care

2017-01-24 11:42

Active treatment is the top priority of uremia health care

Active treatment is the priority among priorities in health care, what is uremia? What are the causes of uremia? What factors will cause uremic disease? Had uremia, uremic patients how to care? Here by experts for you to answer uremia:

Chronic renal failure (CRF) is a kind of clinical syndrome, which is caused by a series of symptoms and metabolic disorder, which is caused by various renal diseases. The end stage of chronic renal failure is commonly known as uremia. Uremia is not an independent disease, but is a common clinical syndrome of all kinds of advanced kidney disease. It is a series of clinical manifestations of chronic renal failure.

The causes of uremia:

Uremic is by the development of some chronic diseases and, as we all know, all chronic kidney disease without treatment or control is not good, so it is the final outcome of uremia, can say nephropathy is a major cause of uremia, resulting in uremia disease, chronic glomerulonephritis accounted for 55.7%. 15% of the patients with hypertension will turn into uremia. According to statistics, the total number of patients with hypertension accounted for 11% of the total population, that is to say, every one of the 11 people will appear in the high blood pressure patients, of which there are 1.5 people will become uremia patients. Hypertensive nephropathy. Diabetic complications from diabetes pathological changes, the consequences are very serious, and is more common in diabetic diabetic nephropathy is one of the most serious complications, clinical report of 30% patients with diabetic nephropathy to eventually become uremia diabetes.

In addition, some renal disease may also lead to the occurrence of uremia. For example, the side effects of drugs, the study shows that about 25% of patients with renal failure and drug nephrotoxicity. There are urinary tract infection, chronic pyelonephritis is the second factors of uremia, accounting for about 20%. The incidence of urinary tract infection in China is about 0.23%, and the incidence rate is about 2.37%. Everyone can be the incidence of married women of childbearing age especially in common.

If we have a friend suffering from uremia, will feel very miserable, because the disease is a threat to the safety of life. Many of us need to understand how the health care work should be done to help us treat it better.

The health care of uremia is very necessary, but the first prerequisite is the active treatment.

The cardiovascular system may be caused by hypertension and pericarditis and heart failure of precordial pain, palpitations, shortness of breath, abdominal pain, edema, and so cannot lie. Anemia and mucosal bleeding can occur in the blood system.

The respiratory system may have pneumonia and pleurisy caused by cough, chest pain. Uremia is a very dangerous disease, if not timely treatment often life-threatening.

Uremia gastrointestinal symptoms appeared, with anorexia, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, mouth odor of ammonia, also often gum inflammation, oral mucosal ulceration bleeding. The nervous system may have insomnia, irritability, numbness of limbs, burning, late drowsiness and even convulsions, coma.

The above is about the health care work of uremic patients with uremia, must remember, for uremia there must be early detection and timely treatment, if you have any problems about uremia timely to our hospital uremia expert consultation, we will serve for you, help you to get rid of the trouble of uremia.


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