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How to do high parathyroid hormone

2017-01-24 14:18
How to do high parathyroid hormone
When uremic patients appeared when abnormal parathyroid hormone, we must take the right approach to treatment, and actively to go to the hospital to check, the most common treatment of uremia patients through surgery, most will appear some symptoms, such as poor appetite, the feeling of disorder, serious when there will be epilepsy.
For uremia is a very common disease, uremia patients is mostly caused by the loss of renal function, uremia, early main symptoms appeared dizziness, limb weakness, some patients after the symptoms of headache, loss of memory, a very good friend of mine, but also in patients with uremia, past often to sleep, appetite is not so good, body weight decreased significantly, for uremic patients, often is not the normal discharge of toxic substances, usually by dialysis to relieve symptoms.
When patients with uremia when abnormal parathyroid hormone, i.e. parathyroid hormone increased, which will lead to osteoporosis, there will be itching, when necessary to surgery to remove parathyroid gland, parathyroid hormone is higher because parathyroid gland caused by hyperthyroidism.
For uremia will appear obvious symptoms, such as poor appetite when eating, sometimes also does not appear like obstacles, such as slow induction, some patients will appear edema of lower extremity symptoms, more than 60% of patients there was renal diffuse disease, serious when will appear in the epilepsy, which will give others bring great pain.
For uremic patients must be symptomatic treatment, if under the anemia situation, we can use the hemodialysis way to treatment, commonly used drugs for treatment of uremia is mainly including methicillin recorded metoclopramide tablet, four kinds of nephritis capsule.
Once the occurrence of uremia, must adopt the correct diet, you must eat some light to avoid excitant food, supplement the vitamins, for drinking water must be based on their own urine to decide, insist on taking the low phosphorus and low protein diet, the treatment time and we must ensure that a good attitude, do not have a negative attitude, the right to face the disease, so as to overcome the disease, early rehabilitation.

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