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Treatment of uremia

2017-01-26 16:34

What are the treatment of uremia, the doctor will give some advice, but I still know more about what the doctor 

has done to your disease

Conservative therapy: chronic renal failure can be used in the treatment of conservative treatment to delay the 

progression of the disease.

1, increase the intake of iron and folic acid to improve renal anemia, when necessary, can use erythropoietin.

2, the treatment of high blood pressure.

3, the application of calcium antagonists, such as nifedipine etc..

4, oral oxidized starch and other adsorbents, so that blood urea nitrogen decreased.

5, treatment of oral calcium and vitamin in renal osteodystrophy.

Active treatment

Uremia is a deadly disease, but it is not without medicine. For patients without predisposing factors, renal 

function can not be considered, dialysis treatment can be considered. Dialysis therapy package

Oral, peritoneal, hemodialysis (artificial kidney) three kinds of oral dialysis treatment is only suitable for

patients with mild uremia. In recent years, due to the widespread application of dialysis therapy

Uremic patients have 5 years to survive and maintain a certain number of labor. Therefore, dialysis therapy is 

one of the effective methods for the treatment of advanced uremia.

Hope that these can help you, sincerely hope that patients recover soon.

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