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Health care of uremia

2017-01-13 15:27

Family therapy measures

Adequate rest

Uremia patients should ensure adequate rest and good nutrition, do not engage in activities beyond strength and 


Avoid chemicals that damage the kidneys

To avoid the use of cadmium, chloroform, ethylene glycol and four vinyl chloride products and environment. They 

are commonly found in pesticides, automotive exhaust, paints, buildings and household cleaners.

Have been found in the general household items in some chemical elements associated with acute and chronic kidney

disease, as long as read the instructions carefully, take some preventive measures, is to avoid Cho

Free of these harmful substances.

Cadmium: this rare metal is used in the production of pesticides, rubber tires and plastics, coatings and other 

products. The industrial use of cadmium is very wide, has a large scale and in some food

Found in water. Attention should be paid to the following points

To ensure the use of paint and coating technology, dyes, sodium and cadmium free.

Do not use antique cooking utensils, because they are coated with cadmium containing pigments.

Do not smoke

Smoking is detrimental to the kidneys.

Supplement moisture

Provide the right amount of water.


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