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Principle of acute uremia

2017-01-25 14:31

Principle of acute uremia


We often take uremia as an incurable disease, actually suffering from uremia patients do not impatient, not irritable, don't

 listen to some bad tattle and prate lose confidence in treatment, now the medical level is developed, and actively cooperate 

with the treatment, rehabilitation is also a lot of cases.

We all know that this is not a single disease uremia disease, most of the time but because of renal failure, resulting in 

metabolites or other toxic substances which may cause the accumulation in vivo of a self poisoning syndrome, this is the most 

serious manifestations of renal failure.

Although the disease is difficult to treat, in the treatment of uremia in the process the matters needing attention, such as 

patients should rest in bed, or add enough nutrition; it should also maintain water and electrolyte and acid-base balance; 

there is to control the infection and select sensitive antibiotics; or dialysis treatment including hemodialysis and 

hemofiltration in peritoneal dialysis.

The above is the principle of the treatment of acute uremia related information, the patient is a good attitude to face the 

disease, and actively participate in treatment, so as to follow the above principles, you can quickly make the disease improved.


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