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How to care for patients with uremia

2017-01-25 16:17

How does nephrosis patient control the intake of water?

1) measurement of daily urine volume.

2) daily water intake for daily urine volume +500cc moisture.

3) don't eat too salty things, otherwise easy to dry mouth will always want to drink.

4) usually eat Rice porridge, noodles, containing most of the water should be strictly controlled.

How does uremia patient maintain an optimistic state of mind?

When depressed, depressed mood, can express the feelings of the heart, in order to reduce the emotional pressure. Social and 

mental assistance through social work.

Understanding and good recovery of patients, and can absorb the experience more confidence.

Patients with renal insufficiency, under normal circumstances, sexual dysfunction, and thus resulting in sexual life 

disharmony and pregnancy problems, can be discussed with the medical staff.

To participate in a social event - a party outing or a short - term foreign trip, accompanied by medical staff. Participate in

tourism can broaden the mind, absorb some information and expand their own life.

How does the medicaments of nephritic uremia patient take?

Various drugs have their own role, taking the time and the way is not the same, should follow the instructions of the doctor 

taking. Some before meals, after meals, should be separated so as not to affect the efficacy.

To reduce the gastric or calcium phosphate ions, and should eat meals together chew swallow that have reduced phosphorus ions.

If you eat it before meals or after a meal, or swallow it, there is no cure.

How to measure weight in patients with kidney disease?

1) weigh the same pounds at a fixed time every day with a fixed weight.

Two) the dialysis room should be no more than 2 ~ 3 kg (2).

(3) upper limit reference table:

Increased body weight

Dialysis 1 times a week 0.5 kg / day

Dialysis 2 times a week 1 kg / day

Dialysis 3 times a week 1.5 kg / day

How to take care of the patients with uremia?

The usual hand touch or stethoscope to check whether unobstructed. Such as the sound of rustling, running water or vibration. If found to be silent, immediately to the emergency department.

Usually do not carry heavy, do not wear tight clothes or not, the limb was wrapped tightly under his head.

If there is any emergency, contact the hospital or doctor immediately.


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