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What are the requirements of uremia care

2017-02-10 09:21

General nursing care of patients with uremia

1 give high calorie, high vitamin, low protein diet, protein intake can be adjusted according to renal function, hypertension should limit sodium intake, if dialysis treatment, should be of high quality and high protein diet.

2 what are the requirements of the nursing care of the rest of the bed, consciousness, irritability, irritability, convulsions, coma, should be placed in the bed bar, to strengthen inspections to prevent falling bed.

3 skin care because of metabolite retention induced skin cancer itch, use hot water bath, do not hurt the skin scratch by hand, in order to avoid infection. To prevent the occurrence of bedsore.

Nursing care of patients with uremia
1 vomiting, diarrhea frequent patients should pay attention to water, electrolyte disorders, symptoms should be promptly notify the physician.
2 due to brain abnormalities or low calcium convulsions, ah who should protect patients so as not to self harm, and immediately notify the physician.
3 breath odor of ammonia, with the incidence of stomatitis, oral care should be strengthened.

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