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Safety of renal transplantation

2017-03-02 09:01

According to foreign media reports, the latest survey found that two of their normal kidney in a donated, and will not affect people's life, only a person who has kidney and kidney two people live longer.
A new study in the United States, which analyzed more than 80 thousand live donor kidney donors, investigated their survival rates within 15 years, using the national data for the first time, rather than a single transplant center. Dori Lisegv, chief researcher, and transplant specialist at the University of St. Hawkins's School of medicine, said: "no matter what happens after a kidney transplant, no matter what happens, they will not affect their later life. This has never been shown in previous large-scale studies."

However, the study did show that, compared with the control group, 90 days after transplantation, the donor mortality was higher. In the long run, the mortality rates for certain groups are higher than those of others. The researchers believe that kidney transplant surgery is safe and encourage kidney transplant surgery to continue, while a better understanding of the physiological changes that occur after organ donation requires more research. The lack of organs in the deceased donor has led many patients with advanced kidney disease to seek help from living donors. In the United States, more than 6000 healthy people donate their kidneys every year. However, the need for a comprehensive assessment of the risk of surgical operations, timely notification of potential donors.

Li and colleagues examined 80347 cases of living donor kidney donors from 1994 to 2009, who were drawn from a national registry. The researchers compared the results with the data from the third national health and nutrition survey of the 9364 participants. The latter was a survey conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and prevention in the United States from 1988 to 1994. They found that in 90 days after receiving a kidney donation in 25 people died, the mortality risk per 10 thousand donors with 3.1 deaths, compared with the third national health and nutrition survey data show that 0.4 deaths per 10 thousand people.

5 years later, the mortality rates of the two groups were basically the same. After 12 years, the mortality rate of kidney donors was actually lower than that of the control group. The former is 1.5%, the latter is 2.9%. In kidney donors, men are at higher risk of death than women. Among men, 5.1 of every 10 thousand people were killed, and about one in every 10 thousand women died in the world. They found that blacks were more likely to die than others during the entire study period. In any case, the two groups of men and women are at higher risk of surgery.

Kidney transplants are safe or safer than others, researchers say. For example, the death rate for the removal of gallbladder was 18 deaths per 10 thousand people. Leigh Segei J said: "although there is always a risk of surgery, but kidney donation surgery is safer than other operations

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