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What are the methods of Western medicine treatment of uremia

2017-04-26 17:18
According to the understanding of,there are a lot of reasons will cause uremia,which lead to uremia culprit is chronic kidney disease.If not found in time,will become hard to cure or even impossible to cure.Lead to renal function can't work normally,can not afford to continue to maintain the life of patients.Therefore,it is called the main killer of serious damage to human body health.Experts point,Uremia is a kind of disease which is very harmful to the patients,patients need to go to hospital for diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible,so as to cure it as soon as possible.
 Western medicine treatment of uremia
 Conservative treatment:
 Chronic renal failure decompensation period can conservative treatment to slow disease progression .
 1.Increase the intake of iron and folic acid to improve renal anemia, when necessary, can use erythropoietin.
 2.Treatment of hypertension.
 3.Application of calcium ion antagonist,such as nifedipine etc.
 4.Oral oxidized starch etc. adsorbent,so that blood urea nitrogen decreased.
 5.Oral calcium and vitamin mouth in treatment of renal bone disease.
 Active treatment:
Uremia is a deadly disease, but not no medicine can cure.For cases without inducing factors,irreversible renal function,can consider to do dialysis treatment.Dialysis therapy includes oral, peritoneal, hemodialysis (artificial kidney) three;Oral dialysis therapy is only suitable for patients with mild uremia.In recent years,because of the widespread use of dialysis therapy,so that many of patients with advanced uremia five years of survival and have certain labor force.Therefore, dialysis therapy is one of the effective methods for the treatment of advanced uremia.

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